What are we doing?
In 2012, Innovatum AB started a first round of Green Innovation Contest; a competition focused on sustainable environmental innovations. The contest received a fantastic response from innovators, government agencies and companies from all over Sweden. In a short time, 120 contributions in various categories was send in.

In addition to being a place where sustainable solutions meet, the contest is also a collaborative platform where Sweden’s innovation and business support organizations are presented on the website. We strongly believe in cooperation and so we try to help innovators find a suitable support based on the area of the innovation.

Why are we doing it?
It’s not hot news that there is a great potential in Sweden regarding innovation and entrepreneurship. We often tops rankings in both Europe and the wider world. Nonetheless, innovators have experienced difficulties finding the right support they need to develop their idea to a product of the market. In addition, Swedish environmental technology also tend to ultimately end up with international actors and accordingly leave home.

By Green Innovation Contest, we want to make a difference for the present society and future generations by improving the chances of a good, environmental solutions become business.

Green Innovation Contest is a competition where everyone is a winner!

How are we doing it?
Green Innovation Contest invites all innovators whether they are private individuals, academics, start-ups or small and medium enterprises. The only requirement is that the innovation has to be sustainable and newsworthy, plus ready to be developed into a product/service.

We believe that exposure is a valuable tool to reach new contacts which can play a big role regarding the development of the innovation. Therefore, all contestants have the opportunity to present a pitch on the this website. Cleverly, we think!

Another key to success is to realize the potential of the innovation and be prepared for different future scenarios. For that reason, we have developed a solid entry form with a learning support. Here the innovator is faced by questions that are needed to be answered for upcoming meetings with customers, investors and partners.

Is it possible for non-Swedish innovations to compete?
No, Green Innovation Contest is a national contest meaning only contributions from Sweden have the opportunity to participate and compete. This inludes companies, individuals or academy based in Sweden.

Earnings in the competition
There is much to gain from participate in Green Innovation Contest. Just the contribution form means that you will gain insight into the market and discover the potential of your innovation. Additionally, you will receive feedback, tips and guidance along with recommendations. These insights will help you move forward.

By the end of the competition, you will be able to show off the full value which improves your chances reaching out. Moreover, the competition will expose your innovation to the market, potential customers, investors and financiers. Who knows what these new contacts will bring?

In 2014, the four prize holders also received:

–          Exposure through a ”Winning Film” displayed for a long time in the appropriate context

–          IKEA GreenTech provide personal meetings to all prize holders

–          SPP gives 25 000 SEK to one of the prize holders

–          Ekobanken gives personal coaching to all prize holders

–          Bergenstråhle & Lindvall gives personal guidance to one prize holder

Are you interested in the contributions or/and want to know more about the contest?
Contact us by email: greeninnovationcontest@innovatum.se

Green Innovation Contest is funded by Region Västra Götaland, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The contest is led by Innovatum.

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